Women in Ministry

Jan 20, 2023

Sometimes women in positions of leadership in the church can feel out of place.  At times, you may feel unsupported, misunderstood, and even uninvited.  She Leads Church was created to give you a place to belong and hear your value echoed by women that understand and have delighted in being a part of the Great Commission as women church leaders.  Whether you are the leader of your ministry or in a  volunteering role, we want you to be a part the community that uplifts, understands, and encourages you. 

Women have been a part of God's plan since the beginning. 

The gift of Eve was the start of the other half of the army for Gods glory.  In the Old Testament - we see Deborah, a queen and warrior for God's people.  We see Rahab and Ruth, two unlikely servants for God's Kingdom that became part of the linage of Jesus.  

In the New Testament - we see Mary, the mother of Jesus who in Luke tells the angel that comes to visit her that she is the Lord's servant.  We see Anna the prophetess, Phoebe the deaconess, Lydia the gentile believer, Priscila the teacher and many more that God used in their own purpose and positions, to promote the Kingdom on Earth and unite believers under the Christ.

At She Leads Church, we unite the other half of the army together in a community of encouraging and inspiring women church leaders. 

We all have the same message: Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.

Serving in humility does not have to be isolating and misunderstood.  Join us at She Leads Church on March 15-16th. 

This 100% free, virtual event is open for registration now! See you there.