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we couldn't be happier that you're here. We are passionate about building a community of strong women who are committed to Christ, to each other, and to their calling. 

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with other women in church leadership and learn from our incredible speakers.

The She Leads Church Summit is a virtual annual event, and all of the sessions are available in our on-demand library! Access now and watch at your own pace, discuss them in your small group, or share with your friends.

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Access the Video Library

Burnout Cohort – May 2022

Join us for the She Leads Church Burnout Cohort.We'll meet weekly to discuss the week's topic, share insight, and we'll participate in group exercises as well. You'll walk away feeling deeply connected to a community of amazing women and you'll have new tools to help you safeguard yourself against the stress of life and ministry.

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Connect with other women in ministry in the She Leads Church Facebook Group. We encourage and equip each other by sharing expertise, asking questions, and offering ideas about ministry, life, work, family, and how to balance it all!

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Our Father in heaven is able to do abundantly more than we could ever imagine.




We know that being a woman in church leadership can be difficult and you probably feel overwhelmed and overlooked sometimes. We believe you shouldn’t feel alone in ministry. We’ve collaborated with women in leadership all across the country and asked them to share their knowledge and experiences.

We often put limitations on ourselves and believe we are incapable of things that are before us. God may be calling you to something bigger, something greater, and the only thing standing in the way is you. 


Join us as we learn what it means to answer God’s calling and lead others as we follow him. 

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“I appreciated the diversity of voices and experiences and the opportunity to choose what was most relevant to me first as I had time.”
“It’s not like any other women's or ministry conference!! So much deeper and intentional than any conferences I've attended in years.”
“I loved the format because it spoke to where I am currently in ministry." 
-Kaye, Lead Pastor
-Ally, Children's Minister
-Wanda, Minister
“I appreciated the diversity of voices and experiences and the opportunity to choose what was most relevant to me first as I had time.” 
-Kaye, Lead Pastor
“It’s not like any other women's or ministry conference!! So much deeper and intentional than any conferences I've attended in years.”
-Ally, Children's Minister
“I loved the format because it spoke to where I am currently in ministry." 
-Wanda, Minister

Meet Your Hosts

Katie Allred

Katie Allred is a marketer, social media strategist, and professor. She is an expert in online communities for nonprofits, churches, and businesses of all sizes. Katie believes that no matter the needs of her clients, there are always new ways to connect with their community through websites and social media. Her passion lies in helping other church leaders effectively communicate their message on the internet, and she does this through, which offers resources such as podcasts and articles about best practices.


Connect with Katie

Nona Jones

Nona Jones is a rare combination of preacher, business executive, author, and entrepreneur. She is the bestselling author of two books: Success from the Inside Out, chronicling her unlikely story of success after a childhood filled with physical and sexual abuse, and From Social Media to Social Ministry, the globally acclaimed guide to digital discipleship for churches. Since being licensed into the gospel ministry at the age of 17, Nona has preached around the world. As a business executive and entrepreneur, she has been profiled by ESSENCE Magazine as an “Under 40 Woman to Watch” and Florida Trend Magazine as one of Florida’s “30-Something All Stars.” 

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Meet the Speakers

Check out the speaker lineup from our 2022 event!

Toni Nieuwhof

Author, Speaker
Carey Nieuwhof Communications

Tori Hope Petersen

Witness, Speaker, Author
Beloved Initiative

Joanna la Fleur

Founder and Executive Director
Word Made Digital

Lorraine Lam

Outreach Worker

Angie Ward

Author and Asst Director of the Doctor of Ministry
NavPress, Denver Seminary

Chara Donahue

Anchored Voices Podcast

Jenny Erlingsson

Milk & Honey Women

Missy Young

Chief Information Officer

Tiffany Alysa Accardi

Founder, Community Strategist + Fortune 500 Speaker
Gals That Brunch | Tiffany Alysa

Hannah Connor

Marketing and Communications Director
Family Houston

Chantel McHenry

Executive Search Consultant
Vanderbloemen Search Group

Leisa Nelson

Co-Lead Pastor
The Rock Family Worship Center

Amber Smart

CEO & Founder
SmartMetrix LLC

Julie Este-McDonald

President/Executive Director
Salt and Light Collaborative, Inc.

Jess Ledwell

Marketing and Cohort Director
Women Speaker's Collective

Kristan Dooley

Discipleship Pastor 
Anthem House Church

Stephanie O’Brien

Lead Pastor
Mill City Church

Shannon Polk

President and CEO Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Jessica Bealer

Ministry Coach and Consultant

Dorothy Littell Greco

Author, Writer, Photographer, and Speaker

Nikki Tigg

Speaker, Writer, Podcast Host
Constant Surrender

Madisen Mayfield

Founder & Owner

Coach Kit & Coach Zee

Certified Christian Life Coaches and Mentoring Experts
The Flourish Tribe, LLC

Susan Carson

Founder and Director
Roots&Branches Network

Michelle Leichty

Communication Director
Covenant Church

Aimee Nelson

Speaker, Writer, Mentor

Jeannette Cochran

Executive Pastor
Seneca Creek Community Church

Stephanie A. Anderson

Co-Lead Pastor
Heart Church

Connie Jakab

Flourishing Life

Stacy Zant

Radiant Pearl Living - Christian Content Creators

Gena B. McCown

Lead Well Systems

Stephanie Henderson

Wife, Mom, Bella, Speaker, Author, Pastor, Executive Coach
She Leads Ministries

Jess Basson

Author & Speaker
Grace Family Church, Durban, South Africa

Crystal Cunningham

Operations Director
Family Church

Michele Eich

Growth Coach, Pastor, Author, and Overcomer
Voices of Recovery

Latrese Kabuya

Speaker, Media Personality, Mental Health Advocate

Kasey Dillon

Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant, Professor, Co-lead Church Planter, Writer
Four Rivers Church and Four Rivers Project

Vonae D. Ayoub

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
The Strength Table

Amie Latta

Registered Psychotherapist
Private Practice

Molly Pelic

Services Director
Church Marketing University

Talasi Guerra

Joy Like a Mountain

Julianne Alkire

Communications Director
Church Marketing University

Lori Adams-Brown

Business Leader, Podcast Host, International Speaker
A World of Difference Podcast

Andrena Sawyer

Founder, Executive Director
Minority Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network

Betsy Marvin

Senior Director of Discipleship
Cornerstone Church

Kathy Lunardini DeMott

Certified Flourishing Life Coach and Speaker

Shiloh Karshima

Executive Director
The Leader Team

Kimberly Joy Krueger

Founder and President
The Fellowship of Extraordinary Women

Angie Baughman

Steady On Ministries

Sheena Marquis, LMSW

Social Worker, Singer/Songwriter, Good New Communicator

Haley Bodine

Executive Director, Office of the Senior Pastor
Willow Creek Community Church

Karissa Harrison

Executive Pastor/Certified Enneagram Coach
Rancho Community Church

Vivienne Lee Bechtold

Director, Studio & Leadership Development
Crossroads Church

Melanie Waldman

Worship Leader, Songwriter, Spiritual Mentor
Replacing The Lies

Kim Qualls

Board Member
FIGHT Ministries

Candace M. Lewis

President / Dean
Gammon Theologial Seminary

Melissa Mashburn

Ministry Coach, Author, Speaker
The Mashburns Consulting Group & Southeast Christian Church

Faith Eury Cho

Pastor / CEO
The Honor Summit

Jennifer Keitt

The Keitt Institute: A Center for Emotional Development and Well-being

Jacquelyn A. Cork

Executive Director
Dignity Freedom Network

Nancy Hicks

Author, Speaker
Nancy Hicks Live

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Session Topics

All of the sessions from out 2022 event plus the full lineup from 2021 & 2020 are available now in the Video Library.


  • Making Space for Abundance –  Angie Ward
  • Uplift: the Power of Encouragement –  Molly Pelic and Julianne Alkire
  • Bursting Through Cultural Limitations –  Tori Petersen
    Strong Enough –  Nona Jones
  • Abundance On the Other Side of the Wall –  Betsy Marvin
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence with the Enneagram –  Karissa Harrison
  • Talk to Your Triggers –  Angie Baughman
  • The 3 C’s of Your Leadership Development, Leading Out of a Place of Abundance –  Melissa Mashburn
  • Maximizing Your Fruit Life –  Chantel McHenry
    How to Find Rest in the Mess –  Jess Basson
  • Breaking the Minority Mindset –  Faith Eury Cho
  • The Inevitable Portal to Life –  Nancy Hicks
  • Abundance After Obedience –  Aimee Nelson
  • The Mystery of the Kingdom Brings Abundance –  Michele Eich
  • Building from Scratch (Embrace the Mess) –  Stephanie Anderson
  • An Abundant Imagination –  Chara Donahue
  • Jesus, Diversity and Inclusion: How Being More Like Jesus Makes Us More Inclusive –  Lori Adams-Brown
  • Develop a Generous Life –  Michelle Leichty
  • All I Need is Found in Him –  Leisa Nelson
  • Arrivals, Dance Partners, & Abundance –  Jacquelyn Cork
  • Stepping Out of the Boat to Live Life More Abundantly in Christ –  Madisen Mayfield
  • Replacing the Lies –  Melanie Waldman
  • Feelings Fuel Faith! God & A Woman's Emotions –  Jennifer Keitt
  • God's Provision from Welfare to Abundance –  Kathy DeMott
  • The Privilege and Pain of Ministry –  Hannah Connor
  • People over Dogma: A Frontline Healthcare Worker's Perspective on Healing the Divide Between the Faith and Medical Communities After COVID –  Kasey Dillon
  • Common Sense(s): How Paying Attention to the Small Things Will Slow You Down, Heal Your Mind, and Revolutionize the Way you Live –  Haley Bodine


  • What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You - How to Forgive From The Heart –  Toni Nieuwhof
  • Calling Us to Abundance– Katie Allred
  • The Connected Leader: Identifying Narrative Scripts and Changing Your Story –  Amie Latta
  • 5 Ways To Find Abundance In Your Career –  Holly Tate
  • When Less is More...Really! –  Vivienne Bechtold
  • Leading in Abundance –  Gena B. McCown
  • Powerful Ways To Flourish In Your God-Given Purpose –  Coach Kit and Coach Zee
  • Preparing For What You've Prayed For –  Jess Ledwell
  • The Abundance in Jesus Christ –  Latrese Kabuya
  • Abundantly Empowering Those You Lead –  Jessica Bealer
  • Applying Metrics to Discern Where Jesus is Leading –  Amber Smart
  • Created for Abundance –  Kimberly Krueger
  • From Imposter to Empowered: Reclaiming Our Call to Ministry –  Sheena Marquis
  • Ten Essential Ingredients for an Abundant Marriage –  Dorothy Greco
  • In Pursuit of Abundant Joy –  Talasi Guerra
  • Abide & Rise –  Jenny Erlingsson
  • Working from God instead of for God –  Kristan Dooley
  • Spiritual Practices for Abundance: The Way to More Is Less –  Susan Carson
  • Moving From a Scarcity Mindset to Abundance – Shannon Polk
  • Abundance in the Least –  Lorraine Lam
  • When You Dream and It Doesn't Work Out –  Connie Jakab
  • Put Feet to Your Faith –  Nikki Tigg
  • Overcoming Anxiety to Receive God's Goodness More Abundantly –  Crystal Cunningham
  • Living in Spiritual and Emotional Abundance –  Julie Este-McDonald
  • Fearlessly Produce, Podcast and Publish As A Church Leader –  Stacy Zant
  • Train Your Brain for Abundance –  Jeannette Cochran
  • Believing Again - Hope of Renewed Purpose –  Stephanie Henderson
  • Make Your Move –  Stephanie O'Brien
  • Soul Care –  Kimberly Qualls


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