The Importance Of Women In Ministry

community faith Jan 26, 2022

For many years now, we have seen an abundance of female leaders in the church. Preaching, being missionaries, and inspiring the next generation of women to step out of their comfort zones, and be the leaders God is calling us to be. 


Those who are in ministry aren’t just ministers, they are leaders. They are the ones whom God has called to lead others in Christ, and to lead the next generations into revivals. These leaders God has called could be anyone. 


We know from God’s Word that He has no favorites. He has made us all in His own image God has called both men and women to lead, and minister His Word to others.


What Makes Women in Ministry So Important?


The importance of women in ministry lies in the fact that everyone in ministry has this important responsibility to spread God’s word. To get a better grasp of this, let’s look at some examples of some women who were called to lead and minister.


First, what better place to look than God’s word. In Exodus, we meet Miriam, whom God used as a prophet. In the book of Judges, we see Deborah as a prophet, a judge, and God used her as an important part of guiding God’s army. Lastly, Huldah was also a prophet and contributed to the religious reform under King Josiah’s rule. 


Now, let’s take a look at some other inspiring Christian women. 

  • Elisabeth Elliot and her husband Jim Elliot were missionaries in Ecuador to the Quichua. Her husband, along with four other missionaries, were killed by the Auca tribe. Elisabeth pursued them in the jungle of Ecuador and ended up bringing the Gospel to the very tribe that killed her husband in Ecuador.


  • In 1849, Harriet Tubman escaped from where she was born into slavery, yet she took 13 trips back to help more than 300 slaves to freedom in the underground railroad. This helped her earn the name “Moses.” Harriet said that through her risky trips back and forth, she relied solely on God for His guidance.


  • Lottie Moon was one of the first single missionary women sent to China. Frustrated by the lack of missions and funds, she wrote letters to encourage other women to start missionary circles and to set aside the week before Christmas for missions offerings. She helped to change the way Southern Baptist mission work is funded.


  • Esther Ahn Kim was a music teacher in Korea when the Japanese took control and were forcing Koreans to join the State Shinto worship. Esthar refused and went into hiding. Although she feared going to prison, she bravely continued to share God’s word with the Japanese. She spent six years in prison but helped lead many to Christ. 


Women have had a tremendous contribution to the church, and continue to make strides and lead movements to this day. God calls courageous women to serve and follow Him in ways that they never could have foreseen. 



All the women mentioned above made waves in the church, on the mission fields, and in many people’s lives. These waves have caused ripples, and have helped encourage other women to step out of their comfort zones and lead. Whether it’s to your next-door neighbor, a small group, your local high school, college campus, work, or a large crowd, God has and will call both men and women to minister to others. 



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