Find Your Five

Mar 13, 2024

In our increasingly isolated age, many battle loneliness and a hunger for meaningful relationships. This can be especially true for women in ministry leadership roles. We need relationships that strengthen us, allow us to be vulnerable, and help us grow in Jesus together. Spiritually strengthening connections don’t happen automatically. These relationships require intentionality and nurturing.


Why Find My Five?

Scripture celebrates rich friendships, pointing to Ecclesiastes 4:9 - “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.” A cord of three strands is not easily broken, and a tightly knit group of five centered on Jesus can have a Kingdom impact. Investing in spiritual friendships offers blessings like:  

- Mutual accountability, keeping each other aligned with truth  

- A more well-rounded perspective

- Support during hardships and celebrations


How Do I Find My Five? Consider if the gal you are talking with:  

- Demonstrates spiritual growth and obedience to Jesus   

- Listens deeply without judgment. Follows through with commitments

- Asks thoughtful questions that prompt reflection   


Meaningful relating means moving past superficiality into authentic sharing. It requires courage to push past shame, the need to keep up appearances, anxieties, or the need to be in control and be open to others. But being vulnerable with others and divulging feelings makes way for comfort and insight. 


Over time, consistency with one another will build trust and understanding.  God reminds us that we do not have to walk alone.


I Am Ready To Find My Five:

This can happen in one of two ways. 

First, you can prayerfully choose 5 women in your life who you will hold close in relationship. These women can be a pastor, a long-time mentor, a family member, a friend, someone from your small group, etc. 


Or Second, you can email the She Leads Church team ([email protected]) and we’ll connect you with other Christian Women Leaders so you can create a group to walk alongside. We will likely do some research on your to be sure you are a Christian woman in a leadership role, and one person in your group must be willing to host a video-meet-up weekly. You all must commit to one another for a season (example: for the summer, or for a school calendar year). 


The goal of meeting with the other women (whether individually or collectively) is to ask the following: 

-How is your walk with Jesus?

-What would you like us to ask you about next week (examples: remaining calm during a hard conversation, spending time in the word, etc). 

-What would you like us to be in prayer over?


Investing in honest, supportive bonds expands our capacity for connection - to God and each other. It tethers us firmly on the path of becoming fully alive and better leaders.


Who Wrote This?

Jenn Clauser

Jenn Clauser is an experienced Church Communications professional who feels her call is to “Curate Content that Calls Hearts” (Jeremiah 1:4-10). She uses that calling to creatively extend the Gospel message and strategic vision of the church. Jenn has been featured on Esther Littlefield’s, Christian Women’s Leadership Podcast (Episode 146), The UnSeminary Podcast, speaking on Pandemic Learnings from Church Online, and has been a guest speaker in the She Leads Church Conference in March of 2021. She is passionate about church growth whether that is from the ground up, or through innovative use of creativity, processes, and resources to extend outreach. Jenn sees online as a mission field ready to be reached in the name of Jesus.  Jenn works directly with churches to oversee and coach communication efforts. 


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